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At KISSES FROM ITALY our customers will feel like guests in our home. Our source of inspiration comes from all the love and respect we have for traditional recipes. Our goal is, and always will be, to bring an authentic experience to our customers in keeping with the old ways, while combining them with new and innovative ideas. The best way to accomplish this is finding and using the perfect ingredients for our guests. A great ingredient makes great tasting food. This is our secret to making life better.

KISSESFROMITALY is a US based food restaurant chain focused on fast-casual and traditional Italian delicacies with high quality ingredients and a high level of service.

Whether you visit our establishment or enjoy our catering or delivery services, you will embark on a whole new journey with KISSES FROM ITALY.  Your senses will experience the truly authentic and unique flavours from the many regions of Italy.

Enhance your taste buds with our finely crafted Italian panini and sandwiches topped with our fresh, Italian marinated (also known as “Sotto’olio”) and grilled vegetables, combined with the distinctive aroma of Italian espresso and our array of coffee products, pastries and desserts. Each visit to KISSES FROM ITALY will be an experience you will never forget.

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